Explore your submissive side with a dominatrix

In sexual relations, it is normally the man who takes the dominant role during intimacy. A lot of men and women prefer it that way. But there are also men who are into being subdued and like being dominated. If you are one of those men, then there is a type of woman for you: the dominatrix.

What is a dominatrix?

It’s a woman who will strive to fulfill your fantasies about being dominated by hitting, being tied to a St. Andrew’s Cross, talking down or otherwise humiliating you. She has an understanding of fetishes and of the allure that this particular kind has for some men, so she will know what to do to make you feel just the way you want to feel when you’re in the dominated position.

A dominatrix knows that she caters to a specific type of fetish and she will also know how to make you feel right. So, if what you want is to be slapped, or if you like to have your balls kicked, if you get pleasure out of calling a woman “mistress” while acting as a slave to her, or if you just want to be punished for being bad, or if you want to be stepped on. Any way you want to be dominated. then that’s what you’ll get from her.

What does a dominatrix do?

How you carry out the interaction between you and a dominatrix will, of course, depend on you and her, and there is not a set standard for it: if you want to worship her and be put down by her, you can have that. But if you want a simpler, more relaxed experience where most of what you do is just talk, she will be happy to oblige, too. Remember that she is a woman, and she can be tender just as she can be aggressive. The dominatrix wants to play out your fantasy, and she wants you to feel good, to have fun and to enjoy it, even if you’re the one being dominated.

Don’t think your ideas are too crazy or weird. She will understand, and will do what you request, so long as it is within the set rules, which must always be respected. But almost any type of fetish you have can be explored with a dominatrix: have her wear a specific color of nail polish, pop bubble wrap, engage in a food fight, different types of corporal punishment, role play, or if you just want to be controlled by a woman.

The point of it all is not necessarily to reach sexual climax. Most people who visit a dominatrix don’t have an orgasm. If you do, you are bound to feel pleasure, yes, but it is a type of ecstasy and euphoria that comes from the sensation of having your fetishes realized, and the act of domination itself and the profuse sensations that she makes you feel. And it can be just as satisfying for her, too. It can be a chance for her to exteriorize her domineering side, but also her sweet and nurturing instincts.

A dominatrix provides you with a type of thrill and satisfaction that you cannot get from anybody else. To be dominant or to be dominated offers you a chance to dig deep into your subconscious and appreciate and bring out desires that you may have been repressing for fear of rejection or for a lack of opportunity. Well, you have an opportunity with her, and she will not dismiss your desires.

Just let her guide you, take you through the steps and let yourself explore those desires that you’ve been holding to. The world of a dominatrix is fearless and you can take all of your domination fantasies out with her. Let yourself go and she will catch you.

Keep in mind, though, that, as mentioned above, there are rules for this type of play. A dominatrix is not a woman to have sex with. There is often a wrong idea about that. She is not the right woman to fulfill that need. So, if that’s the gratification that you’re looking for, you’ll have to find someone else. A dominatrix is the one who helps you bring out what you cannot bring out with anyone else. Those impulses that at first may be considered silly and humiliating, but that in reality are extremely rewarding and enjoyable for you. She knows how to do that and she will. So, if you’ve ever felt like you have those impulses and really want to look into them, you should definitely spend time with a dominatrix.

What types are there?

Mistress: She will take control of you as a slave. She will make you worship her, lick her boots, call her “mistress”. To keep you dominated, she will give you the set of rules and will make sure that you are following them. There are rewards for good behavior and punishments for breaking the rules.

Mommy: She will play the role of a mommy when you take the role of a boy. This the type you’re looking for if you want to dress up as a little boy. Then she will treat just like a mommy would treat her children, like telling you to behave while she is in the room, but she can also be loving and caring, like a real mother would be.

Corporal: She will exert her control and give you lots of pleasure by spanking, twisting your nipples, and all sorts of bodily punishment that suits you.

Sensual: She will not use whips or be aggressive. Instead she will use all her sensual powers to seduce you, tease you and highlight her sexy side.

And there are, of course, those who will go along with other types of fetishes you have, such as having her sit on a cake, tickle you, sit on your face, give them pedicures.

As you can see, there is a type for just about anyone.